Thursday 29 April 2010

Google Collaboration


   Day 1 of the informatology conference focused on learning and technology with a presentation by Sudhir Giri from Google.

Giri is creating a ‘learning ecosystem’ at Google, in order to get people collaborating internally better.

Part of this development is the Google environment and the way this encourages people to naturally interact with each other.  This includes lots of shared play and food spaces – for example the cafeteria which gets people communicating with other people they wouldn’t normally have connections with.

And then there’s the technology – like g2g tv – getting googlers creating content and teaching others:



And gwhiz – an internal system which allows people to tag others and themselves with technical skills.  The higher up the search list someone appears, the more expertise that can be assumed to have.  People can also identify whether they are available to answer questions and / or for mentoring.  So this provides a rudimentary CV and is much more likely to be used than a traditional skills inventory.  And again, it helps people to connect with other folk.




These developments provide a range of intangible benefits for Google but these can’t be captured by a ROI!


The following photos are from the peer circle run following Sudhir’s session, led by Clive Shepherd and including Karyn Romeis, Mark Berthelemy, Charles Jennings and John Castledine:







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