Tuesday, 26 October 2010

More on social influencers


One of the things we talked about at the Connecting HR unconference was who are the social influencers? – the people who are influencing UK HR through social means in the new social world, rather than just through hierarchical power, as in the traditional structures of the present but maybe soon, the past.

We didn’t get that many more names, so I’m not sure how much publicity we can get for this list, but I thought it triggered some interesting conversations.

Here are the people receiving more than three votes each:












Also receiving votes were:

  • @annayoshica
  • @barrysampson
  • @c4lpt
  • @ffcburt
  • @grahamsalisbury
  • @kevinjball
  • @mattalder
  • @ncreswell
  • @rapidbi
  • @steve bridger


I actually don’t think it matters that much who these people are, but hopefully the list resonates with you in terms of what we mean by social influence?

I do agree with @alanwhitford though, that we shouldn’t discount those people working at the top of organisations who often have social influence too:



I’d have also liked to have seen more people who are influencing socially (through relationships vs heirarchy) but not through social media.

It’s also interesting that most of the people on this list were actually at the unconference, and I suppose we’re always going to be most influenced by the people we’re close to at any particularly point in time.  But it’s also because a lot of these influencers decided that they needed to attend the unconference – they in particular understood the value it would provide.

So the list needs more work (we really need to conduct a social network analysis to understand it fully), but I still think it’s a better indication of where influence really lies today than the other list in HR Magazine!


Who else would you suggest needs to be added to the list?



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