Thursday, 9 December 2010

Webinar Series


         In 2011, I’ll also be delivering five of my own webinars, as well as continuing to participate on those of other leading organisations and commentators. Topics and dates of my webinars will be:


My webinars are delivered using GoToWebinar with the support of Citrix Online and I will also be delivering a webinar for them at 11.00am on Tuesday 1st March: Online training and the learning organisation.

There’ll then be another one for them (tba) on Monday 6th June (look out for details on this blog closer to the time).




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  1. Hi,

    As someone who hosts Webinars, I thought you'd like to know about our website that launched in March. WebinarListings is a central portal for Live and On-demand/Recorded webinars (or really, anything that is virtual and scheduled) in any area of interest, around the world. You can list your Webinars on our site for free, or upgrade to a Featured Listing which includes additional promotion (email, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). It's a great way to find new participants for your webinars.

    We are currently running a promotion for new hosts to upgrade to Featured at no charge, so I'd like to invite you to add your Webinars to the calendar this week! (best results are when posted at least 2-3 weeks in advance).

    I'd be curious to hear your thoughts.


    Lindiwe Coyne
    Social Media Associate


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