Tuesday, 11 January 2011

HR 2.0 and the Future of HR


E2.0 Boston 2011  The other thing (*) you can vote for me for is another submission to the Enterprise 2.0 conference.  This is basically the same as last year’s submission to Boston (which didn’t get through) and Santa Clara (which did).

But this time, I’ll be talking with Courtney Hunt of SMinOrgs, as unlike Peter Cappelli and others, I don’t like doing the same presentation twice, and co-presenting is much more fun.  Plus the conference is about collaboration, and collaborating just feels right.

You may be wondering why I want to talk there again at all?  - particularly with the rigmarole of having to submit a proposal and being voted in to speak.  And then, they don’t pay me!

Well the reason is that this conference, and in the organisations presenting at this conference (as well as a couple of my clients!), is where I think the future of HR is being made.  As I wrote above the focus of the event is on making organisations work collaboratively together, rather than just people performing as individuals – which is what I think the HR agenda should have always been about.

And actually, I think this selection process is something a lot more conferences should do.  It doesn’t guarantee a good conference,but it gets much nearer to it.  And btw, well done to Techweb / Spigit for calling what were ‘spigs’ the much simpler ‘votes’.


See my submission and vote here.

See and vote for my social business focused submissions to the conference here.


* Vote for my management hack here.



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