Saturday 16 April 2011

Response to Neil Morrison


  Despite my enjoyment of the CIPD’s HRD conference (and particularly the sessions on next generation HR leadership) just over a week ago, I still feel the CIPD’s ideas about new generation HR, whilst interesting, miss much of the opportunity for HR / HCM in the future.

I was already thinking about a further post on this topic when I read a couple of posts from Random House’s HRD, Neil Morrison – one which I strongly disagreed with (on his Change Effect blog), and the other which I agreed with just as strongly (on the XpertHR Employment Intelligence blog).

I’ve now written up my own perspectives on HCM as next generation HR / the OD / commercial HR approach that Neil describes and have also had this posted on XpertHR.  In this post, I try to show that, despite Neil’s perceptions, HCM is a people and organisation focused discipline which offers HR more potential for commercial impact than any other approach which doesn’t have human capital at its heart.

Have a read and let me know what you think…



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