Thursday, 14 April 2011

Symposium Training: Enhancing Organisational Capability through Learning & Development


  I’ll be talking about some of the themes emerging from the CIPD HRD’s conference at this session I’m running for Symposium Events:


Enhancing Organisational Capability through Learning & Development

As the pace of change continues to increase, learning plays, or should play, a vital role in ensuring organisational success.  Yet although fashions in learning support may come and go, one thing remains constant: organisations generally do a poor job of helping their people learn.  Organisations also face a similar problem in helping people transform what they do learn into improvements within their job.  Is it any wonder therefore if learning budgets remain under threat?

You may consider it to be yet another fashion but some organisations believe the solution is now in sight.  Understanding of the brain and how individuals and groups learn and work are leading to wider deployment of new approaches, often supported by new technologies too.  Organisations using these approaches are reporting significantly improved results in their peoples’ learning and in organisational performance too.

Attend this seminar to learn more about how learning works, in theory and in practice.  Understand the approaches your organisation can implement to increase both the rate and amount that people learn, and ensure the effective learning of your organisation as a whole.  Also understand how to justify your investments in learning and development, and ensure you are able to provide your people with the learning support that their current and potential contributions deserve.



20 May 2011 – London
5 August 2011 – Manchester
22 November 2011 – Birmingham


You can book here.


(I also hope to attend Symposium’s Learning Forum the day before the first of these training sessions ie on 19 May – let me know if you’ll be there!)



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