Tuesday, 2 August 2011

ConnectingHR tweet-up #4


  Last Thursday was the ConnectingHR community’s fourth tweet-up.

As usual I was involved in lots of entertaining and provoking conversation, most of which I can’t unfortunately remember (one reason why I personally prefer our unconferences!).

Give this, my main source for reviewing the event has to be other peoples’ tweets and blog posts on their experience of the evening.  So I’ll just make this brief and note how rewarding it was to note that while both Rob Harrison and Jules Jackson both commented how difficult they find networking events, ours seemed to make them feel a bit warmer.  I’d personally go so far as to suggest that ConnectingHR isn’t about networking but, as it says on the tin, connecting.  (Paraphrasing Tony Hseih, networking is about appearing interesting, connecting is about being interested.)  I also loved Jules summary, ‘there was love in the room’ – a theme I’ve commented on previously as well.

If you want to get connected too, do put the date of our next unconference in your diary – this will be Thursday 20th October (bookings will open at connectinghr.eventbrite.com in September).

And why not join us all at connectinghr.org too?


PS If anyone can remind me of any of the conversations we were having that would be neat!!


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