Wednesday 9 November 2011

#CIPD11 / #CIPD11Tw Twitterversity / 2


   The most interesting thing at the conference yesterday (of course) was obviously the twitterversity session that Gareth Jones (@garelaos) and I (with help from Rob Jones, Neil Morrison, Natalia Thomson, Laurie Reutimann and others) ran.

We were a bit challenged by the technology (the fail whale made a couple of appearances), but this was probably the best large group twitter training I’ve run (eg vs this) – largely I think because of having pre-prepared some twitter usernames to hand out to people (though twitter had decided to suspend a number of these in advance of the training – grrr!).

Anyway, here’s an overview of the session:



We’re running a Twitterversity again today (1.00pm GMT) and tomorrow (10.15am GMT) so do join us then (at the CIPD exhibition or on the twitter stream - #CIPD11Tw11) if you can.

And I may add some updates from these additional sessions later on too.



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