Thursday, 24 November 2011

Jack Dee on HR (or, “the comedian and the HR practitioner walked into a bar and…”)


    As a judge of the Personnel Today Awards, I get invited to their swanky black tie event on Park Lane.  Last night’s ceremony was another excellent event, unaffected by snow as was last year’s do, and only let down, from my perspective, by the failure of my iphone’s batteries meaning I couldn’t tweet.  Given this, I promised to blog on the event…

I suppose this was largely as I expected some deep insights (or at least sharp observations) on HR from MC Jack Dee.  And we started with something about the HR professional being 80% female and him and David Williams, and then the average age of the audience being 39 meaning that with him, it fell down to about 36.  You probably had to be there… although actually, I don’t think he lived up to Marcus Brigstocke last year.  And anyway, that was about it.

So, what else can I post on?

How about the social media crew at the event?  As well as me and Rob Jones (missing from the photo of our parties meeting outside the hotel) and (who else do I need to add?) there was Doug Shaw, Gareth Jones, Neil Morrison, David Heny, Mervyn Dinnen, Steve (Rick) Toft and Kevin Ball (so doing our best to equalise the gender ratio):



And the awards?  Well, you can see my pics of these here:



Special mention perhaps to Sue Ryder which won the Corporate Social Responsibility Award but needs an extra £50k GBP to continue their work over the next year and are looking for an individual or organisation to sponsor them.  I actually visited one of their homes when I was at school in Leeds (a long, long time ago) and have kept an eye on them since then, so I know this would be a great value investment – if not to your own bottom line.



But congratulations to all the winners.  And if you didn’t win (or even if you did), well perhaps you need to develop some even better HR practices next year!

(And if you need help to do this, well, give me a call - on +44 (0)7904 185134…)



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  1. Jon,

    I like your closing paragraph: "....well perhaps you need to develop some even better HR practices next year."

    It captures the whole essence of the PT Awards nicely.

  2. Cheers Ade, yep that pretty much wraps it up!


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