Wednesday 18 January 2012

Lumesse #Engage2012


Lumesse hashtag   I'm at Lumesse's international customer conference in London today.

The most interesting things for me have been:

  • Listening to Josh Bersin - always great value even if I don't agree with everything he says - eg the development of Strategic HR into Integrated Talent Management (agreed) and then a business enablement function vs a separate function managing people (disagree). He's got research on his side, but there are always different ways of reading this!
  • Catherine Berridge at Sara Lee talking about their Lumesse implementation, and the separation of their coffee company, but also their focus on collaboration, which is cascaded through their HR processes - at least their performance management one, with the inclusion of shared objective setting with anyone else in the company, not just through their own hierarchy (Lumesse apparently supports it too).
  • Seeing the focus on collaboration continued at Tata Beverages in Nalin Miglani’s presentation (“individually excellent, collectively brilliant”).   Nalin didn’t make the link, but I think you can see this focus in Tata’s processes too, eg its appraisals are called ‘the conversation’ – and in fact they don’t even bother keeping the paperwork (I’m not sure whether it’s tracked in Lumesse’s systems or not).


In terms of Lumesse itself, the most interesting change for me, supporting their 'hashtag' (buzzword bingo) slide (above), is the development of 'Talent Cloud'.

I've long believed the greatest opportunity for using technology to support HR isn't just the system of record or even supporting managers, but actually supporting individual employees to do their jobs better. Talent Cloud support this, before, during and potentially after employment, including through social connections with other team members or others in the company.  Something to keep an eye on…


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