Friday 29 June 2012

CIPD: Harnessing Social Media for Organisational Effectiveness


   I’m included in a new report from the CIPD on HR’s use of social media, which is currently being used as an incentive for people to renew their memberships.  This means that I can’t point you at the research, but you should be able to read the comments on the report from a couple of the authors:


I refer to my interest in social media, and social outcomes, at the beginning of this article:

“In my piece in the CIPD report ‘Harnessing Social Media for Organisational Effectiveness’ I focus on social capital and the opportunities social media provides to create this type of people-related outcome. I thought it might be useful to post here about why I think this is an important focus.

In particular, some people who know me, or read my blog etc, may be surprised by my suggestion in the report that social capital is probably a more important focus than human capital. After all, I am mainly known for my strategic thinking on human capital management (Strategic HCM).”


I was also talking about this yesterday in a session on learning and development earlier this where I suggested that social learning is important partly because it’s a more efficient and effective way to learn (activity), but also because it’s the only possible way – vs individual learning – to develop a learning team, community or organisation (social outcome).


(ie social learning is the only form of learning which directly produces social capital.)


I’m really pleased this perspective on HR’s use of social media is starting to become better understood – does it work for you too?


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