Thursday, 14 June 2012

#ECTalent - Strategic Workforce Plannning

I've just finished a session talking about next gen talent with Lucian Tarnowski from BraveNewTalent where I did my usual thing of encouraging more of the HR people here to get involved in things like social media themselves. And I'm back blogging again for the afternoon.

This first session is on strategic workforce planning and particularly on building effective talent pipelines.

First up Christ Benko from Merck talked about how business is changing, leaders need more international experience and the company needs to focus on these key people - they can't afford to invest in everyone to the same extent anymore.

Asked whether companies need to invest in their staff when they can buy them from outside, Phillip Snalune suggested that organisations need to do both [interesting, given an event with Monster I've got coming up in July! - more on that here soon].

Melanie Long from SHL suggested they often find clients are surprised how much runway they have inside their organisations. So there's a need for earlier development, better development planning etc.

And what about HR - what competencies do HR business partners need to support this? Some of the suggestions were ability to engage the executive to drive the agenda and direct their attention appropriately (it helps if the CEO has had or is having good development experience themselves, eg by sitting on other company's boards).

Increasingly, HR needs to be able to take advantage of tools like analytics and semantic search too.

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