Thursday, 12 July 2012

Social HR Camp


   We’re half-way through the Summer now (even if it does feel as if we’ve not actually got started with it yet) – they’ve even started selling tickets for Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland today - and I’m starting to think about some of my key events for Autumn.

There’s no ConnectingHR unconference this Autumn, at least not at the Spring, but another HR unconference – Social HR Camp - will be here in Europe – in Amsterdam on 24th October, just before HR Technology Europe, and shortly afterwards in Dublin on 31st October:

About Social HR Camp

SocialHRCamp explores how Human Resources professionals around the world can leverage social media to create and generate unparalleled business value.  This is not a typical conference where you spend most of your time being spoken at.

SocialHRCamp allows YOU to be an active participant in shaping the “UnConference”—be as active as you want to be.  From passive audience member to leading a session on a topic related to HR and social media, the experience is yours to create.

Social media is not a fad—with 800 million+ Facebook users, over 175 million Twitter users, 4 billion YouTube views every day, and the impact of other platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and many more, the opportunity for HR to tap into this audience is enormous.

Whether you’re new to social media or an expert, SocialHRCamp is for you.  You will be able to customize your Camp experience based on your skill level—beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Not only will you learn from others, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with your peers and showcase your talents and interests in an impactful way.


This unconference has another different format from TRU, ConnectingHR, HREvolution etc and should be a really good social learning event.  I’ll be track leading at both events and it’d be great to see you there, and I imagine I’ll be busy posting from the events as well.



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  1. Eeeerrr Jon, I'm sorry?! No ConnectingHR this Autumn?! Was it not you on that call we had between us and the SocialHRcamp guys and the HR Tech Europe folk? Was it your imposter who rubber stamped the fact that the event in Amsterdam is in fact a JOINT event between SocialHRcamp and connectingHR?!?!?!? Is the first ever ConnectingHR in mainland Europe not even worthy of a mention in its co-founders blog?!

    Me thinks you may have been smoking something....

  2. Hi Gareth, yep, I will be doing so - as soon as we have some information out. And I did say - "at least not at the Spring"!


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