Friday 12 October 2012

SuccessFactors: #HRTechConf and Enterprise 2.0

LMS1.png  I've been catching up on the blog posts from the USA's HR Technology conference in Chicago this week.  There's a good list of these on XpertHR, however, one of my favourites that is missing from here is Kevin Jones' post, 'HR Doesn’t Get Enterprise 2.0 – But They Should' - also see this post of a session I saw Kevin present a few years back.

Kevin comments:

"I was there to see just how well Enterprise 2.0 / internal social technologies / collaborative technologies have made it into the HR profession.First of all, we have to realize that if there is any place collaboration should live – which is meant to increase employee performance – where sharing knowledge or connecting employees to share expertise should live, it should be HR.Granted, there are a myriad of reasons why it should NOT live in HR depending on the organization, but if we take it generically, it just makes sense."


I totally agree on this - which is why I was attending the Enterprise 2.0 conference I mentioned above.  And of course, Kevin and I aren't the only people who think like this - see my recent build on Yvette Cameron's post.  And I'd also mention Dan Pontefract and Bert Sandie as other proponents.

Kevin also suggests that: 

"So, naturally, you would think that SOCIAL would be all the rage right now – right?  Well, you would be almost correct.  There are many companies on the expo floor which sell software for recruiting.  And SOCIAL is all over their signage – but they are hooking into LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  But I looked for social IN the enterprise software companies’ were selling.I couldn’t find one."  (though he then does)


I think Kevin is being a bit unkind here - social is being increasingly integrated into various HR systems.

One of my favourite examples is SuccessFactors, which currently sponsors this blog.  SuccessFactors incorporates Jobs2Web which does the hooking into LinkedIn and Facebook that Kevin writes about.  But it also incorporates what used to be CubeTree and Jambok as Jam which provides a very effective social solution, for enterprise 2.0 needs as well as HR functionality like social learning (see the screen shot).

The technology is there.  I still think the bigger issue is lack of interest in the technology.  As Kevin suggests: "HR (obviously) isn’t looking at E2.0'".

I hope conferences like HR Technology (US), HR Technology Europe, the Melcrum Summit etc will help more practitioners engage more with this agenda, and the technology vendors like SuccessFactors which provide some really transformational functionality these days.



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