Friday 5 October 2012

SuccessFactors: HR Confessions


   With Bill Kutik’s HR Technology conference back in Chicago next week (and then HR Technology Europe in Amsterdam two weeks later) I’ve been having a scan through some of the vendor’s websites, blogs, videos etc to ensure I’m on top of all the latest developments.

However, I’m often interested that it’s the leading technology vendors which can provide some of the most human insights.  This new video from SuccessFactors is a good example:

“In this HR ‘confession,’ HR professionals (in disguise) talk about some of the best excuses they've ever heard for skipping work. What are some of the top you've heard? Share with us in the comments!”


Have a look at the video for more.  The short series of talking heads good fun and I also think they provide good reminder that we are all human.  It’s why I think the ongoing debate about checking out candidates’ Facebook pages rather misses the point – if we see pictures of drunken nights in the Union bar so what? – do we really want to staff our organisations with people who haven’t ever done anything they’ve regretted?  SuccessFactors may have disguised the identities of the HR professionals in the videos, but would their confessions really be good reasons not to employ them? (err, well – probably yes for some!).


But I’ve been thinking I should share my own best confessions with you as well – I’m sure I’ve got some (I’ve not always been the polished professional you see today).

But they’re either too old to remember (I’ve been working for myself for nearly seven years and I’m pretty lenient on myself really - so I don’t need to make up excuses to do other things!).

Or they’re from the dim and distant (and rather hazy) past when I think my relatively common ‘crime’ was not skipping work – ie turning up with a stinking hangover when I should have been tucked up at home in bed (OK, should just have been a bit more controlled the night before).  (And clients – that really, really doesn’t happen anymore!)  That’s why I’m a big fan of duvet days too.

So I think you're going to have to stay tuned for my own confessions.  Either that or invite me out to a night snorting vodka and we'll probably get there....


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* Note – I won’t be in Chicago this year but you can check out my posts from last year here:

** – But I will be in Amsterdam as I am the MC for this conference.  Check out my post on this here:




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