Tuesday, 17 September 2013

#HRMI 7th Most Influential


Another great evening at HR Magazine's Most Influentials last night, and I was pretty pleased to come in 7th position in the UK Thinker list.

I was especially pleased with the leap up the chart given I've not been blogging or tweeting that much recently.  So I think the recognition is largely for my consulting, training and speaking etc, rather than what I do here.

And actually I've never really had that strong a social media presence outside my blog - e.g. my Klout is currently just 55 - well below many of the social media super users and quite a few other people too!

What was interesting though is that the many of the top three in each category - UK thinkers, international thinkers and practitioners - are on social media now.  Eg the top UK thinkers are all on Twitter now:

#3 Adrian Furnham - @profAdrianFurnh (on, but now using it)

#2 Cary Cooper - ProfCaryCooper - Klout = 60

#1 Peter Cheese - Cheese_Peter - (new to Twitter and not being rated yet)


And the new Lifetime Achievers:

Will Hutton - @williamnhutton - Klout = 48

Lynda Gratton - @lyndagratton - Klout = 51


So, I'd support my previous advice that HR people wanting to be influential should be on social media.

However, I'm not sure about the rest of this advice.  I had suggested that the old guard were going to get thrown out, and thew new lot would be social mediaistas.  I don't think that's going to happen now. 

Instead, it's existing influencers who are taking to social media to extend their influence, in the way I had suggested.  And it's these influencers who are continuing to influence HR - not the social media using twitterati.

Sorry - i got this one wrong but I still believe most of the things I try to influence HR around are right!!!


Anyway, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank those HR Directors who put me on the list.  And remember, you can also recommend me on Linked too!


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