Monday, 31 March 2014

HR Days - Adageology and why People Leave People

I've been out in Croatia at a conference called HR Days organised by Moj Posao.

My presentation was on a topic which had been occupying me since TENEO's conference earlier this month, where I'd seen a couple of inputs challenging the common adage that people join organisations but leave managers.

It's also a perception that I've long argued against (see 1 and 2).

So I talked in my session about adageology - the tendency to build systems on principles which are completely unsound.  And it's one reason why measurement is important, but I still don't think we need big data (as in the IBM Kenexa report which Clodagh refers to in the tweet above) to tell us the adage is wrong.  It's clear from a strategic perspective and understanding about what's happening in society that people don't look up to authority in the way we used to, ie the death of deference.  So why should we still see managers as so important that retention is all about them?

It looks to me as if the case is now closed - but I've still come across a couple of people trotting out the same old adage just over the last couple of days, so maybe not after all?

By the way, my next trip to Croatia will be for a new global HR conference, Art of HR taking place in November - I hope you might join me there!

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