Wednesday 14 January 2015

Employee Training Isn’t What It Used To Be

I've also got some comments on human centric learning in this article in The Atlantic:

The human resources industry is in the midst of a huge shift in how it thinks about employee training and learning. “A lot of other areas of business have already been transformed through technology, but HR, as is often the case, hasn’t had the same level of investment until rather recently,” says Jon Ingham, a UK-based consultant in human capital management...

Ten years ago, says Ingham, HR technology was mostly meant to be used by the HR department, whereas now companies are more focused on employees themselves as the primary users. In the future, Ingham would like companies to use technology not to control employees, but to enable and liberate them to increase their own performance. “The opportunity is not to use analytics to control but to give employees meaningful data about the way they’re operating within an organization so that they themselves can do things to improve their working lives and their performance,” he says.

It's employees themselves who learn, and we need to shift focus to enabling, supporting and curating - not directing and training.

It's just one more area in which to progress we need to start putting employees first.

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