Tuesday 24 February 2015

HR capabilities Decoded

Most of the posts in this blog deal with the huge transformation underway within HR at the moment.  Obviously, and given the scale of this transformation, our own capabilities need to change alongside this too.

My own capability development programme - areas I'm still fairly to new to, or are just finding out more about - includes innovation, story telling, graphic facilitation, design thinking, new technologies, coding, R, behavioural economics and neuroscience.

Thank goodness for MOOCs!

But on Friday I'm stepping back into the learner seat of a classroom based training session for the first time for a while (albeit a very modern one with MacBook Airs etc) to do a spot of coding with Decoded on their Code in a Day course.

I actually learnt to code in Cobol nearly 30 years ago - mainly in St Charles, just outside Chicago (I'm sure there'll be a few other former Androids or former / current Accenturoids? amongst my readers who remember the Hard Code experience too.)  Ah, the joys of batch processing!

Or I could go back even further to learning Fortran as part of my Engineering degree or Basic before that.

But of course things have moved on today and the apps which make the world - including recruiting, learning and other areas of HR - work are based on languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so these are what I'll be focusing on at Decoded too.

And the main reason I'm taking the session is that I often tell recruiters and trainers that this is the new world.  Who cares if you can deliver a course or design a job advert these days? (I'm exaggerating clearly) but if you can design, or at least understand, the basics of a recruitment or development app then that's still something to take notice of.

The need applies in other areas of business as well as course - and my wife, who is a marketeer, actually attended the training last week - she's blogged about it here on our company's new (actually largely unfinished) website, which she'll now be much better positioned to finish off.

So of course that's another reason for HR to know their functions from their variables - so that they're better positioned to help the development of the rest of their employees too.

And after Friday I'll be better places to help HR practitioners think about your capability development programmes.

But whether I'm any better placed to help my 12 year old daughter program in Python on her Raspberry Pi we'll just have to wait and see...

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