Monday, 11 May 2015

10 reasons your employees aren't using your HR system

I've recently written this white paper for HRZone and Ceridian.

"One of the big issues associated with HR systems in use within organisations today is their poor levels of usage. This whitepaper examines why employees may not be using what may seem to be perfectly adequate systems.

These reasons relate to:
  • Issues with the system functionality and whether it really meets the needs of the business, managers and employees, providing them with value in exchange for the time that they spend working on it.
  • Issues with usability - often systems do not feel modern or are not being kept up to date, or are not integrating sufficient well with other systems operating in the organisation.
  • Issues with the actual use of the system including lack of integration into the organisation and its culture, or the impacts of poor change management, or simply the consequence of the way that HR is perceived within the organisation."

Have a look if you think it might be of interest.

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