Monday 11 January 2016

The need for less boring work in 2016

Glassdoor has released some new research looking at the reasons people leave work - with January being a key month for doing so.

The research identified low salaries as the main factor that led people to quit  - not surprisingly given the questions asked the last straws which caused people to leave.  Other factors like relationships with the line manager, and other people, will still be more critical in getting people to start thinking about leaving - at which point levels of reward start to become more of a thing.

But it's also interesting to see factors we think about less frequently - such as the boring nature of a lot of the work people are asked to do - appearing as important tipping point factors too.

These were my comments in Glassdoor's press release:
“Understanding what causes employees to leave a company is beneficial to both the job seeker and the employer. For job seekers, this survey in particular, offers an important reminder to research a company before applying or accepting a job offer to understand what keeps current and even former employees satisfied and what would or did cause them to resign. For employers, understanding reasons for resignation both across the country, at competitors and within your own company can help in evaluating and improving recruiting and retention efforts.”

For more, see the commentary on OnRec.

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