Tuesday 12 April 2016

#EqualPayDay - David Cameron's tax returns and broader pay transparency

I'm booked on BBC World on Thursday evening (their Behind the Headlines feature at around 8.00pm BST) to talk about pay transparency.

When the interview was booked I wasn't sure how topical the agenda would be - and then wham! - Panama happened, David Cameron fudged and then published his tax returns, and suddenly it's a top of the headlines news item with many commentators asking how far the new expectation for transparency will go.

This is in the UK at least so of course it's a shame that BBC World isn't available here, but I'm sure the same type of pressures are building outside of the UK as well.  Because it's not just about Panama, it's just a signal of the new digital age.  In today's world why shouldn't we expect tax, pay etc to be shared openly and transparently when so much else is.

Plus this would be a huge enabler for better practice.  For example Glassdoor Economic Research's new survey has found that both men and women believe greater pay transparency would be one important factor in reducing the gender pay gap.

It's why it's also interesting to see Glassdoor running the equal pay roundtable with Hillary Clinton and others today.  If you're free do join in for this at 2.30pm BST today - it should be a great conversation.


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