Wednesday 26 October 2016

Organisation Prioritisation Model

I've finally completed work on my 'organisation prioritisation model' (OPM) which has been in development for the last five years or so. At least I think it is now finished - certainly the only changes I've made to it over the last few years have been very minor. I've also used the model successfully in a couple of OD and HR transformation contexts. And I'm personally convinced it's a major step forward compared to Galbraith's Star model, McKinsey's 7S etc.

  • It's more complicated - because the business environment and our organisations are more complicated. However it tries to make things as simple as possible by identifying four core organisational elements separately from the enablers which support it.
  • In particular it gives more focus to the role of relationships and means we don't need to focus on something as unmanageable as culture. 
  • It's also dynamic, showing how design needs to be based upon clarity around organisational capabilities and principles (what and how) and that this then leads to the creation of human, social and particularly organisation capital.  
  • It helps prioritise an organisation's choice of structure based upon which of the core elements are most important. Eg a very people oriented organisation (perhaps one which competes on Kaplan & Norton's learning and growth perspective) may want to use a community based structure.
  • The enabling elements separate out reporting arrangements eg self management and groups eg whether we are focusing on teams or individuals from the choice of structure. This helps aid creativity in design of organisation models and means we can be more specific in describing things like holocracy (a group based, top down, horizontal team structured organisation design).

There's loads more I could explain, but which will wait to later posts. However I'm happy to answer any specific questions you might have here.

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