Wednesday, 9 November 2016

#CIPDACE16 10 years of Blogging at CIPD conference

I'm not actually at the CIPD conference, but from a content perspective that's not too important today, given how much of conferences get blogged and tweeted.  I do miss the connections - and the basis for developing social capital - but Manchester doesn't provide this opportunity in the way Harrogate used to do.

I was looking up my post on this from a long time back, in my early days of blogging, and realised this was actually ten years ago!

Back then there was no blogsquad, in fact I was the only person blogging. There was no Twitter to promote my posts either. But blogging was already a great way to reinforce my own learning.

Then blogging started to catch on and I remember a couple of years spending time in small huddles with people like Mike Morrison and Steve Bridger tweeting together from the plenaries and then catching up with each other and sharing insights from our separate sessions in the syndicates.

Today conference blogging is a lot more mainstream and the Twitter stream is full on too. But if anything there's now less, not more, actual online conversation, which I think is a shame.

Anyway, happy anniversary to the CIPD and all those blogging on the conference!

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