Monday 19 December 2016

Erin Meyer at HR Congress

I also really enjoyed the session by Erin Meyer at the HR Congress, based on her book, the Culture Map.

I think that's partly because I enjoy this sort of thing, and it links to my current focus on relationships and my forthcoming book, The Social Organization.

Also because, although I've used Trompennars' work (eg I had a well thumbed copy of Riding the Waves of Culture in Moscow) and refer to Hofstede's internet site every time I travel, I found Meyer's analysis quite insightful.

And also because  Meyer used the example of Russia several times, which is where I used to work, and also Japan, which I'm visiting next Summer. 

Eg here the cultural map scales for communicating and evaluating shown for Russia and Brazil above. Although related attributes, Russia as an average tendency towards high context, but also direct negative feedback.

Another interesting scale is trust which Meyer believes is moving from from cognitive to affective, largely because of the shift in axis to Asia. I agree this is happening but think it's more about increasing complexity and inability to manage through task vs relationship - in the West as well.

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