Wednesday 31 May 2017

Keynote at #HRVision17

Next week I'll be speaking at HR Vision 17 in Amsterdam.

The focus is a brave new world: the marriage of tech and HR:

As always, trends from the past year will continue to play a part in forming 2017’s future. With an ever competitive working landscape, employers are continuously searching for ways to distinguish themselves as a top company to work for, and that comes down to culture. Ranging from health and wellbeing, both mental and physical, to organisational design, to fostering innovation, to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, to developing social leaders, to being a learning organisation, no company wants to be left behind in securing the best possible candidates. The need to adopt a continuous innovation model will be critical to this in 2017.

I'll be speaking on Thursday 8th June about facilitating group performance: building social organisations, workplaces and technologies:

People have evolved to live in groups and our organisations succeed or fail based mainly upon group performance. However most of our management activities focus on individuals. Shifting focus requires us to incorporate new group structures and to align the design of HR processes as well as workplaces and social / digital technologies with these new groups. I will describe and provide examples of social organisations in which groups provide the basis for effectiveness and competitiveness. The session will also review the role of HR, working in cooperation with other social leaders, in facilitating changes in perspective and management practices. You will learn how to unleash the power of our social brains and social networks to transform organisational performance.

Come and see me there if you can.

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