Wednesday 31 January 2018

10 Hot Leadership Topics for 2018

It's great to be included as one of 20 Leadership and HR social influencers who have informed this post from DDI on 10 Hot Leadership Topics for 2018.

The topics are AI, data, robots, culture, engagement, analytics, automation, digital, diversity, and empathy. You can expect to see posts on all of these from me during the rest of the year.

However, given my new book The Social Organization, I'd expect empathy would be the one I'll be paying most attention to:

"10. Empathy: Amidst an increased presence of machines in our daily and work lives, the ability to understand and share others’ feelings remains uniquely human. Empathy will continue to be the standout leadership skill companies need to traverse the challenges that advanced technologies pose to people, employees and consumers."

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