Friday 3 August 2018

Social Connections Keynote Organising Connection

I'll also be doing another keynote at Social Connections in Berlin.

The keynote will be on Organising Social Connection (the title may change to make sure people don't think the session is about organising the conference!, though organising / influencing / enabling the social connections within an organisation is absolutely what the session will be about).

The conference is run by / for the IBM Connections and social business products user group so I'll also be speaking about how the use of these products need to be aligned with the broader organisation and its 'culture':
Even great social collaboration systems, like IBM’s, will not work well without the right ‘culture’. This is about the alignment of different areas of the organisation. And this means that organisation design provides a useful basis for supplementing the implementation and adoption of social collaboration systems.

A particularly critical requirement is to define the most important type of organisational group, so that the systems can deliver a quality experience to these, as well as to individual employees. For example, Watson Workspace is not going to work effectively unless there is a strong organizational basis for working in teams. Connections is not going to be used well, unless the organization understands the basis for, and supports, working in networks.

This session will review the potential groups in an organisation and how they can be best supported by HR processes, internal communications, the physical workplace and the digital workspace.

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