Thursday, 9 January 2020

Digital HR and Analytics conference workshop

I'll be delivering / facilitating a workshop at Management Events 3rd Digital HR and Analytics conference in Kuala Lumpur in March.

I'll be focusing on:

Re-engineering the work that needs to be done by people in the organisation:
  • Reviewing digital technologies discussed in the conference that might inform digital business transformation in participants’ organisations
  • Potential workforce changes that might occur due to digital business transformation and new ways to access skills eg contingent working platforms
  • Best fit strategies to support organisation capabilities, digital principles and employee needs and expectations
  • Activity - potential changes to work processes, skills, roles and jobs in participants’ companies

Re-organising the way people undertake their work:
  • Alternative organisation forms including horizontal teams, communities, networks, ecosystems, digital platform based organisations and blockchain based distributed autonomous organisations (DAOs) along with options for reducing hierarchy and moving to self management
  • New leadership and talent requirements aligned to new ways of organising
  • Changes to the way people organise to best undertake re-engineered work processes
  • Activity - potential changes to organising people and work in participants’ companies

Innovating people management processes and the HR group within a digital organisation:
  • Agile HR processes and employee journeys using digital technology to support new workforce categories in digital organisations (eg focusing at the performance of teams rather than individuals, etc)
  • HR capabilities and HR organisation architectures to deliver updated HR processes
  • Using digital change management approaches, eg enabling digital champion groups and using strategic as well as operational analytics to inform and monitor transformation
  • Discussion / Q&A on potential changes to HR processes and activities aligned with digital business and organisation

Jon Ingham


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