Sunday, 1 March 2020

New Community for People Places Technology

I believe strongly that all enabling functions / disciplines supporting people at work and their integrated workspace need to be much more connected than they are.

So I'm really pleased to see Informa Tech setting up the WorkSpace Connect Community which wil cover this broad agenda, targeting HR, IT and Property / Facilities.

The community will centre on the new WorkSpace Connect conference, being launched as part of Enterprise Connect at the end of this month.

And it will be supported by the community's website, where I will be contributing articles - this is my first, on Getting Strategic About the Connected Workspace.

You can also read about my perspectives on HR, IT and collaboration in this whitepaper on Elevating HR’s Strategic Value Through the Connected Workspace.

But I think the people engaged around Enterprise Connect do act a little like a real commnity and I'm hoping the same will happen for Workplace Connect too. So see you there...

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