Tuesday 22 September 2020

My new Strategic HR Academy


Woah, that's been a long break! Well, I've been busy - including delivering all the training courses I used to deliver face-to-face on Zoom, and also, more recently, setting up a new online learning academy at https://joningham.academy.

I had been thinking that I might have left doing this a bit late - taking advantage of the UK Government's Eat Out to Help Out scheme over the Summer made lockdown feel a long way away. However, people are being encouraged back to working at home again, and that's going to mean face-to-face training being thrown back into the even longer grass too.

And as I explain here, I think the new Academy will actually deliver much better learning experience and outcomes than I managed to achieve when delivering my training face to face. 

I hope you'll take a look, and maybe join me there?

Jon Ingham


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