Friday, 13 November 2009

More bloggers, tweeters and a few muggles


I’ve only recently posted how nice it is to meet other HR bloggers and there was a real smorgasbord of social media talent at Changeboard’s winter party last night:


Matt Alder of Recruiting Futurology (@mattalder)


Natalie Cooper of Changeboard (@changeboard)


Nicholas Creswell @ncreswell


Richard Hinde-Smith @rhindesmith

Graeme Holiday @graemeholiday with Natalie once again


Scott McArthur of McArthurs Rant (@scott_mcarthur) with Ben Thornton (sorry about the photo!)


Richard Tyrie (@rtyrie) and Tom Watson (@tom_watson)


Tom Watson (@tom_watson) with Nicola Grimshaw



Muggles?  Commoners?  Lurkers?  What’s the word to describe people who aren’t using social media yet?  Anyway, it was nice to meet / see you all at Changeboard’s winter party: Alex, Alistair, Clair, Claire, Claire, Richard, Mark, Martyn, Matt, Nicola, Nigel, Oxana, Richard, Richard, Sheila and others who I’ve forgotten (sorry).  (And sorry about anyone I’ve got muggled up.)




And a big thanks to our hosts, Porteur, Jim, Richard, Ruth et al.






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