Thursday, 5 November 2009

Social HR and the CIPD Annual Conference 2009


   Referring to the wisdom of the crowds, McDonalds People SVP, David Fairhurst writes in his months’ HR Magazine that this year’s CIPD annual conference will be a place where smart decisions about the future of our profession will be collectively reached.

Well, maybe.  At least one thing’s going to be more stacked in our favour.

The last time I attended the CIPD conference, two years ago, I blogged:

“The CIPD conference always provides a great input of knowledge. But it is an equally useful social forum as well, enabling participants to catch up with old friends, meet new people, and discuss ideas and issues with other delegates. As became clear from the sessions I attended, the social side of business, supported by the use of social media, is becoming increasingly important too.

Perhaps next year, the conference will make use of social media to engage even more people in the conference?”


Well, I don’t think they did, but this year may be a little different?  Steve Bridger at CIPD Communities is going to be organising Communities Live sessions, and Natalie Alexandrou at CIPD Events is organising a tweet-up (sign up here).  I wonder if they’ll have a Twitter Tracker up on the slides as well?

I don’t know if any of this will allow us to make quite as much impact as at SHRM’s conference this year, but it’s all movement in the right direction.



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