Wednesday 31 October 2007's Virtual Conference & Expo

“The VIEW on HR Trends & Best Practices – a Virtual HR World”

I’m in Singapore on my way out to Jakarta for my second visit to Indonesia this year. So it seems an appropriate point to reference a presentation I will be providing in December on ‘Global HR Trends and Differences’.

In a previous post I noted the opportunity for the UK’s CIPD to use social media as a basis for improving its annual conference.

Well, recognising that no dedicated resource currently exists to help develop a virtual network within the HR community, is launching its new role as a provider of virtual conferences for HR (VIEW: Virtual Interactive Educational World) with a special 2 day event on 12th and 13th December. aims to take the most successful elements of a live HR conference and transform them into the virtual world of the Internet.’s virtual sessions will include online presentations, over 100 virtual booths, online chats, product demonstrations, and opportunities to gather information.

After Harrogate, I said that the benefits of using social networking for this type of conference would be social as well as educational. And the VIEW conferences will provide the ability for over 1000 attendees to network and to interact with each other online, and to exchange information. explain that VIEW events will use the latest tools and technologies to provide a “unique opportunity to learn, interact and connect with members of your community”

The events will allow HR professionals to attend a full-day of interactive learning through webcasts, group chats, break-out sessions, ask the expert workshops and even keynote addresses from industry leaders ( have mentioned Carly Fiorina, Marcus Buckingham, Dave Ulrich, Kenny Moore, Keith Ferrazi and Beverly Kaye) - all without ever leaving the office. Whole HR teams can also get involved – customizing and prioritizing their attendance according to what is important to each person.

I think there is a great opportunity here – in the UK at least, HR practitioners are finding it increasingly difficult and costly to take time away from the office to attend traditional events.

The format also allows presenters and participants from all around the world to get involved. I will be participating in the inaugural 2 day event, presenting on ‘Global HR Trends and Differences’ in the Training and Development pavilion at 4.00pm ET (9.00pm GMT) on the first day of the conference (Wednesday 12th).

I think this will be an important session within the programme.’s technology undoubtedly provides significant benefits for global participation, but it’s important that we don’t extrapolate this point and start thinking that we can treat everyone from all corners of the world in the same way.

As I’ve posted previously, despite the flattening of the earth, there are still some big differences between countries, cultures and populations. My session will look at how we can best take account of these.

Come along and join me there if you can (attendance is free for all HR professionals). The session will also be available for 7 days after the original presentation.

For a quick preview of VIEW, visit


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