Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The value of human capital solutions

HR practitioners often talk about the need to think about and present their work as business solutions rather than HR solutions. A lot of the time, I think what they're actually talking about is 'adding value' solutions rather than 'value for money' solutions (in the value triangle). And I'd agree with this need to increase value.

But of course, most value comes from the creating value level. Through human capital and organisational capability. So we do need to steer away from delivering HR or really Personnel or value for money solutions. But it when we're delivering human capital solutions that we're going to have real impact and gain credibility as a strategic function in our own right.

But this is going to require a change in mindset after years of getting closer and closer to the business. Yes, of course, we still need to do this, but we need to develop a greater understanding of how to leverage human capital too.


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