Monday, 14 January 2008

George Bush on HCM in the Middle East

Interesting to see George Bush speaking on human capital while in Abu Dhabi (he is obviously talking about economics rather than HR, but the same points apply):

"In any society, the greatest resource is not the oil in the ground or the minerals beneath the soil. It is the skills and talents of the people. Or as one Nobel winning economist calls this human capital. Across this region, you have an abundance of human capital - in the men and women who are your citizens. By strengthening your education systems and opening your economies, you will unlock their potential, create vibrant and entrepreneurial societies, and usher in a new era where people have confidence that tomorrow will bring more opportunities than today."

It's good to see him speak at least some sense.
Also, just to note I'll be in Dubai on 31 March and 1 April to chair and present at Fleming Gulf's 2nd annual HR Strategies in Banking and Finance conference. I'm staying on for business meetings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on 2 and 3 April - do get in touch if you're reading this and you want to meet me there.

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  1. I'm prepared to believe he said it but I'm not sure he understood it.


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