Monday 21 January 2008

Make the most of Blue Monday

Yesterday's Sunday Times noted that today, Blue Monday, is officially the most depressing day of the year - the day when, statistically, our commitment to our present job falls to an all-time low - and is therefore a good time to plan a career break or change.

There must be a few HR practioners thinking this too. Every year, there are more articles on the theme of 'Why we hate HR', and according to last year's Deloitte survey, only 16% of HR executives believe they are highly valued by their business colleagues.

Planning for a career change in these circumstances would be supported by Jeffrey Immelt at GE who emphasises that “HR people need to work for companies where people are valued”, and if they are not, they should leave.

But there is another way. HR can seize the initiative, use evidence from their engagement surveys and whatever metrics the have at their disposal to argue the case for change within their own organisations:

  • Putting human capital first:

  • Developing a best fit strategy to develop this capital:

  • Giving HR accountability to delivering the right type and level of human capital:

  • Encouraging use of the language of people to support the management of human capital:

This could be a Golden Monday if you choose to make it one.


  1. Management Today report on a survey which found the role of HR consultant to be the unhappiest of the lot.

  2. Thanks very much for the link.

    I can believe it too.

    Although of course there's research that says the opposite too (isn't there always)

    Eg: 'HR Directors are happy with their lot':


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