Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Learning Technologies: measurement

At Learning Technologies, I talked about organisational capability having two roles in enabling business results: supporting implementation, and generating new opportunities.

If we’re looking at the top arrow on this slide, implementation, then identifying the capability that will best support the organisation is fairly straight forward and depends on measurement. All you need to do is analyse what capability, and the supporting competencies you need to deliver specific business goals, measure what you have and identify the gap.

Identifying organisational capability is more difficult when you’re looking at the bottom arrow, in order to provide new opportunities. Here measurement is less useful partly because it’s not always clear what you need to measure and therefore you’re likely to end up with lots of data on different competencies which can obscure rather than highlight opportunities. Plus you may note get the cause and effect results you expect (which was what Jay was talking about).

Instead, it can be useful to remember that people are emotional beings, and use an emotional, lateral, intuitive approach like visualisation, metaphor or Appreciative Inquiry to identify what people think is important to the organisation.


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