Thursday, 7 February 2008

A strategic HR capability development programme

One of the UK's other HR bloggers, Scott McArthur, has posted on the changing roles and careers of HR business partners, and has also asked through Linkedin about what others have done to develop HR practitioners in their strategic role.

This got me thinking because although I’ve delivered a couple of short workshops on various areas of HR fairly recently (in company and open programmes, and also as part of an executive MBA programme), it’s been about 2 years since I last delivered an extensive programme for strategc HR managers. So I thought it might be useful (for me at least) to map out what I think an ‘ideal’ generic programme might involve (obviously without any organisational context to support this).

Plus I think that changes in the way that learning is being delivered – responding to changes in the workforce, new technology etc (or perhaps just my own enhanced understanding of effectiveness in L&D – would mean that I’d also advise my clients to deliver any major HR capability development programme in a different way to how I’ve done this before.

More thoughts coming up over the next few days.


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