Friday, 29 February 2008

Visualisation in HR

I use pictures a bit more than I use stories, for example, as part of a diagnosis process, helping employees to express what they think is going on in an organisation., and also in visualising visualising organisational capability.

There's a good account of using imagery in the CIPD's Coaching at Work magazine: 'Picture Perfect', written by Eve Turner.

As Turner explains,

"Imagery, including metaphors, is a normal part of language. Phrases like 'I feel fit as a fiddle' or 'It's raining cats and dogs'" are commonplace."

Turner explains that in psychotherapy:

"Imagery is seen as the language of the unconscious, a key that unlocks the link between our conscious state (our present) and the unconscious / super-conscious. Many writers believe thinking in pictures achieves a closer representation of people's inner reality or unconscious processes than words."

I think this true and has utility in a consulting or HR partnering context as well as in coaching.


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