Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Learning 2.0

Hello to everyone I met at today's Learning & Skills Group conferencette. I hope you'll get time to take my social connecting / web 2.0 survey (top right-hand corner of my blog).

And especially to Jane Hart. Jane, I hope you're not too shattered now after your two sessions on learning tools.

I've already posted a series of updates on social networking and web 2.0, as well as enterprise 2.0, management 2.0 and knowledge management 2.0.

I like Jane Hart’s description of learning 2.0 as well:

“Learning 2.0 (or E-Learning 2.0) is a second phase of (E-)Learning based on Web 2.0 and emerging trends in learning e.g. informal learning, self-managed learning and performance support.

The traditional model of Learning (which might be termed Learning 1.0) focused on content produced by experts (teachers, instructors, etc), and structured into courses, to be consumed by users/learners.

Web 2.0 technologies support a more social, collaborative and sharing approach to learning, so that learners (in both formal and informal learning situations) can co-create content and collaborate with peers to form a learning network - hence it is also referred to as Social Learning.”

You can see how all of these terms knit together…

(This post's picture is a slide from an IBM presentation, Enabling Global Integration through the use of Web 2.0 Technology, presented on an HCI webinar last year.)


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