Tuesday, 6 May 2008

HR Carnival 32

Check out the carnival at the Maximize Possibility blog.
One post of note is Taleo's sumary of the global update to BCG's HR survey.
I particularly like advice at Coaching Tip on managing the brain drain, for example through this innovative approach:

"Two companies that have taken the practice of hiring back retirees are Procter & Gamble and Eli Lilly. Faced with the prospect of losing large numbers of Baby Boomer researchers, the two companies joined forces in 2003 and launched YourEncore, which created a pool of former emplooyees and other experts whom each could call on for temporary help."

On a personal front, my attention was drawn to Brazen Careerist's suggestion that plastic survey may be the next must-have career tool:

"We are hard-wired to treat good-looking people better and it’s pretty much impossible to overcome this tendency. Patzer shows that this salary discrepancy is true even in law firms, where the partners doing the hiring are acutely aware of how illegal it is to favor good-looking people. Researchers at University of Texas, found that even mothers treat good-looking children better than average-looking ones.

Before you complain about how unfair all this is, Patzer shows that good-looking people are actually better for the company’s bottom line. This is because highly attractive people actually earn more money for a company than average looking people. One study in Holland, for example, showed that companies with better looking management consistently billed more hours at higher rates than companies with average looking management."

My facestat results suggest I may need to take some notice!


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