Friday, 2 May 2008

Introducing my Enterprise 2.0 blog

I hope you've found my latest series of posts on web and enterprise 2.0 interesting. I'll be returning to some other themes shortly.

One reason I wanted to focus on this area for a while is that I've been starting to think about my next book, which ever since finishing the last one (on human capital), I've wanted to focus on social capital.

There are a lot of areas I feel I need to learn more about (and get more experience in) in order to do this - one of which is social media. But there are a lot of other areas too.

And I'm hoping to get plenty of input to support my learning. So I've set up a separate blog to focus on this area.

I've called this blog 'The New Social Business'.

I don’t want to use the ‘2.0’ tag, because I think being a social business involves much more than just the use of social media (and doesn’t actually need to involve the use of social media at all).

It's still not an ideal term of course because many people take 'social' simply to mean the opposite of work. I use it in its more formal, scientific context to refer to human society and its organisation, including the relationships between people.

And I've had to add 'new' to the term 'social business' because social business or social enterprise is typically taken to refer to organisations focusing on social benefit rather than organised in a social way.

So if you have been interested in my posts on enterprise 2.0, please also check out this new blog, join the community and contribute towards what I am sure will be an important new book on the effective management of people for organisational success.

Oh, and it would be great if you could take my social connecting survey too.


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