Sunday 27 July 2008

HR Carnival 24 July 2008


  The latest HR Carnival is up at Kris Dunn's excellent 'the HR Capitalist' blog.

As usual, there are some really great contributions.

I particularly liked Stacy Chapman's post on China Talent Challenges and the Wrong Side of Segmentation at Aruspex's Strategic Workforce Planning blog.  Reviewing McKinsey's recent article on China, I think Stacy makes a great point about segmentation:

"Top marketing departments segment based on what the market aspires to, wants, or needs (supply), and then they construct offerings to appeal to these segments.  What McKinsey is advocating is segmenting on attributes of what the organization wants from the market (organizational demand).  Not the same thing by any stretch!"

I'd agree, although I also think segmentation needs to focus on employee's own needs ie their engagement drivers as well.  It's why I'm really pleased to see a trend in engagement surveys to use this data to identify coherent groups of employees with similar drivers who can then be engaged in particular ways.

And the second post, which I had already commented on is William Tincup's call for a Anti-Humanity Manifesto on

"I believe strongly that we must create a manifesto to reform HR.  We need to band together.  We need to kill off the humanity that is holding HR back.  Let’s just let it go and start moving down the measurement trail together."

I think William's call for a manifesto is spot-on but that his hypothesis that "humanity must die for HR to totally evolve" is dead wrong.

My own suggestion for a manifesto will be coming here during the next 3 weeks (sign-up now so you get the scoop when it does).


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