Wednesday 23 July 2008

Leadership pulse findings on Engagement


Energy Pulse


Theresa Welbourne at eepulse (see also Energize Engage) reports finding that business leaders' energy has fallen again and is now "1.08 points below the zone where they report being most productive".  Serious stuff given that:

"Being below the zone by one or more points has been shown to predict negative outcomes (eg turnover, lower productivity, lower sales etc)."

In addition, whilst leaders' confidence in HR's tactical work and its overall performance has increased slightly, confidence in HR's strategic competence went down (2004 - 61% leaders being confident, 2206 - 46% confident, 2008 - 44% confident).

Welbourne has noticed that leaders in higher performing firms are closer to being in the zone and that they are also the most confident that their HR teams are delivering on being a strategic HR function.  She concludes:

"Leaders are not doing well themselves, and in order for them to do better (be in their own energy zones), they need HR to step up into the strategic role."

OK, so nothing that new here.  But some useful evidence to suggest that HR needs to be effective strategically if leaders are going to have the energy to lead effectively and therefore to deliver stronger business performance.



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