Thursday 23 October 2008

Management Innovation: Generation Y and Web 2.0


   The CIPD report on management innovation focuses specifically on HR responses to two unprecedented challenges that potentially require novel solutions: Gen Y, and Web 2.0.  They comment that "most organisations have not fully embraced the needs of Generation Y employees or the opportunities afforded by Web 2.0 technologies".

They also note that "there is a clear link between these two trends: Generation Y employees are more likely to be early users of Web 2.0 technologies as they are were brought up in the digital world, and they are the most avid users of social networking sites."  (What they don't seem to pick up on is that responding to Gen Y and Web 2.0 are also very related challenges - both enabling and requiring more collaborative approaches within organisations.)

The report includes a couple of examples such as Bytes Technology's bite-size training modules supported by rooms in which employees can practice their new skills at their convenience; Infosys' swap portal enabling employees to exchange jobs across locations; and Informa's use of Second Life to provide information on job functions, competencies and opportunities.

But the CIPD found that none of these practices were radically different to what had gone before.

A shame given the extent of the opportunities! (your can read more about these on my Social Business blog).



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