Sunday, 12 October 2008



    Gosh, no posts for over a week now.  I've had my head down on a couple of workshop designs, other client work and proposals.

And I've been travelling - after coming back from the Czech Republic, I've been to Iceland and now Malaysia.

Being in Iceland during the 'kreppa' (see the Economist article on 'kreppanomics'), and watching the banking system collapsing, brought home to me even more vividly than I described on the last podcast, how much doomier and gloomier things are becoming.

For example, it sounds like the Malaysian government will be reviewing their budget in response to the financial crisis tomorrow.  It will be interesting talking to the workshop participants and finding out how the crisis is affecting talent management in South East Asia.

We know that short-term thinking is a key inhibitor to talent management, and therefore to long-term business success.  But it's hard to keep thinking long-term at the moment.

So I was cheered to hear one of my clients talk about a Corporate Executive Board forum recently, where the prevailing view seemed to be that it isn't making people redundant and engaging the remaining workforce that are business' main priorities, but building talent and leadership for the future, preparing the business for when the economy takes off again.

Maybe that's why I'm as busy as I am at the moment...



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