Tuesday 28 October 2008

Recruiting career partners


   The first stage in the career partnership cycle is managing the relationship with external career partners then recruiting or re-recruiting partners when the time is right.

The organisation needs to manage carefully its relationship with its career partners while they are not employed: keeping in contact with them; engaging them; checking that they are being looked after and possibly influencing the development they are receiving from their current employers.

The organisation also needs to recruit the best possible talent into the external partner group (or potentially directly into the internal partner group).

An HRM / adding value approach to recruitment involves reactively searching for talent to fill a particular role when a vacancy occurs. Doing this allows an organisation to recruit good talent but it cannot guarantee the best talent – these people are not likely to be available during the timeframe in which the organisation is recruiting.

An HCM / creating value perspective develops recruitment into an ongoing and proactive process that aims to find the very best people whenever they are available. Once the organisation has identified people who might have the same attributes as those in the partner groups, these people can be assessed, probably informally, although the stronger the employment brand the more formal and competitive the assessment can be made. The assessment can also be used to benchmark people in the partner groups against the external talent that is available. This means that the organisation is able to resource internally with knowledge of all options and to plan succession externally as well as internally, transforming the level and quality of talent that can be made available.

If the people who have been assessed show that they do have the required attributes, they can be invited to join the external partner group and then be recruited into the organisation when the time is right for both parties (see my previous post on head farming).



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