Sunday, 2 November 2008

360 Degree Review / US Elections


   Given that my last post on the UK party leaders has gone out just before the US elections, it's an obvious follow-on to consider what would have been the feedback on Barack Obama and John McCain there.

This is my impression:

  • Authenticity: Obama ahead, given more consistency over the campaign
  • Vision: Obama ahead, as McCain's differentiation from Bush seems to have reduced
  • Hires great people: Obama ahead (Palin, ahem!)
  • Resilience: McCain ahead (off the scale)
  • Sees what's around the corner: A close tie
  • Executes to completion: Too early to call!


I don't think this election is going to be won just on leadership competencies, but I do think Obama's likely stronger showing on a leadership 360, is one of the reasons he received my vote (and those of most of the rest of the world).

If you're interested in this agenda, I recommend the Wayne Turmel (the Cranky Middle Managers)'s insightful post, Two Faces of Leadership, also included in the recent Carnival.

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  1. Wow, the global vote on the US election is just ridiculous, and hard to believe that it is so close in the US. I think that McCain's biggest downfall is choosing Palin. The president is of course responsible for the country, but his main task will be to delegate, and a president can only be so good as the people he has delegated tasks under him. His decision of Palin as his running mate baffles me and my opinion on how well he can choose people to work with him.
    p.s. Happy Election Day! :)


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