Saturday, 1 November 2008

HR Carnival 29 October 2008 / bogus performance reviews


     A spooky halloween's carnival is being hosted by Dan McCarthy at his excellent Great Leadership blog.

Do read Steve Roesler's 'Why This Is An Important Moment For HR', posted at All Things Workplace (I think this is a more optimistic view of HR's current role than my experience leads me towards, but I think this is much closer to the mark than the latest 'Why we hate HR' rant on BNet).

And then read Wally Bock's thoughts on abolishing performance reviews at Three Star Leadership.  Bock refers to a recent Wall Street Journal article which suggests performance reviews are 'ill-advised and bogus' and should be replaced by 'Two-side, Reciprocally Accountable, Performance previews'.  Bock is absolutely right in explaining that it's the ongoing conversation rather than the formal set-pieces which are important, but I think, although I don't agree with ditching performance reviews, that WSJ makes some good points too.  However, I'd ditch the rather ugly name, and unfortunate acronym ('TRAP'), and just call this coaching, which I think needs to be part of any performance management system worthy of this name.

You can read some of my thoughts about making performance reviews more valuable in this postJessica Lee's reaction to the WSJ article, posted on Fistful of Talent are here.

And do check out the other posts on Dan McCarthy's carnival as well.


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  1. thanks for linking to my post on fistful of talent on the performance review debate! :)


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